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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Mommy Reviews: Cleaning Wipes

When they first came out, I thought what a waste of money. Why would anyone use wipes for cleaning? What is wrong in using a wet cloth? I am a little frugal when it comes to household items and I certainly wasn’t going to spend money on disposable wipes for cleaning. What am I, made of Money?

Then I had a kid. After I changed him, one of the explosive kinds, I used one of his wipes to clean the changing table. Oh my word, I couldn’t believe what I had been missing my whole domesticated life. So then I began my hunt for cleaning wipes. I found scented, unscented, with bleach, green, you name it I tried it (if it was on sale that is.)

Most of the cleaning wipes are expensive. They tear when you’re scrubbing left over food from the table or you have to use more than one for cleaning up spills. Then I found them. In my opinion the best cleaning wipes EVER. They are KIRKLAND Signature Household Surface Wipes sold at Costco. Granted you need a membership to shop there but the value of these wipes is well worth it.
They come in a pack of 3. They are scented, Lemon, Orange and Fresh Scent. However they are not overwhelming like the wipes with bleach. Each container contains 65 very moist wipes. Each sheet is perfect for scrubbing. I can use one wipe to clean all the surfaces of my kitchen. That is how durable they are. They are also large enough so that you can get a lot cleaned before the wipe dries out.

I’ve used them to clean the walls, toilet, bathtubs, sinks, doorknobs, tables, toys and so much more. Besides disinfecting, these wipes are great getting dust and fingerprints off my glass surfaces. If you have ever wondered about giving them a try, Costco usually has them on sale for under $10 for all 3. The regular price is about $10-15.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. On another note, this is my personal opinion. Costco has not paid me to give an opinion about their brand Kirkland. 

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