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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What a night!

If a Happy mommy = Happy baby then does an Evil Mommy = Evil baby? Meet Mark! If you are new to this blog he is usually referred to as Monkey #2. I innocently submitted a photograph of my monkey doing his usual face to Mommy Shorts’ Fan page, and next thing I know he is in the Evil Baby Glare-Off Contest.

Today was Round 2 and his match up was against Lila. I am pretty sure that this contest was made just for her evil glare. It was no surprise that when I casually opened up my laptop this morning, Mark was sitting at 30% of the vote. Well I started begging and pleading to friends and family and annoying the Tweeps who wanted to follow me. It seems that I lost all sense of shame, and selflessly promoted my Evil Baby. If #VoteMark wasn’t trending, I’d be surprised.

God help me, the polls were closing at midnight and I couldn’t think of anything witty to promote my baby boy. He was still sitting at less than 40%. Next thing you know, my Twitter friend @bewilderedbug re-tweeted one of my less than witty banters and suddenly Mark was rising in the polls. Oh my word, can the power of tweets be this powerful. I started cranking out the tweets left, right and center.
I realised that one of the other competitors, Molly was in the same boat like my Mark. They both had identical scores as evil babies. This is how the moms’ conversation went down.

Right at that very moment I realised that I didn’t want to give up. It was only 8:45pm MST. I even quoted one of Mommy Shorts fans because the adrenaline kicked in. It may have been the caffeine I was drinking to sustain myself. I still had an hour and fifteen minutes to muster up some votes. I checked my friends and family on Facebook and they started voting like crazy. I have never felt so alive. My inner “Monica” took over and I was gunning for the finish line.

9pm, Mark had 49.49% of the vote. Then up from nowhere the folks from Saskatchewan aka The Single Chick, gave me, I mean Mark the final push to the finish line, 50.08%. I breathed a sigh of relief, he was over the hump. Take him home baby!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My Mark could actually win Round 2. I just beamed with delight and watched the clock as the countdown to 10pm MST. I showed my hubby the finally tally Mark with the win at 53.71%. I was in glee. Nothing could get me down until he said, “Umm, I think Mikey could win the whole thing”. ACKKKK! Right, there was still another round and he was up against Mikey.

By the way, Mikey annihilated Sydney with almost 70% of the poll.

So my message to you, if you happen to read this blog, Please #VoteMark! All Evil Babies Unite! At the end I couldn't have said it better than The Bloggess herself  "I love you people. Thank you for being there even when I'm crazier than normal."


  1. Okay just need a few hundred votes to tie the score.

  2. Love this! Mark is currently beating Mikey with a half hour left. Your stamina and persistence astounds me. Thanks for helping make my contest great!

  3. Folks from all over the world are helping me out but also becoming fans of your page!