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Friday, 13 September 2013

I'm pretty excited about poop

You know you are a mom when 75% of your conversations about your toddler/preschooler involves talking about poop and or potty training. This summer I had a plan of potty training my youngest in case he got accepted to school in the fall.

If you are wondering, he did get into preschool. He has a severe speech delay so he was accepted into preschool a year early. I was so happy for him. It was bittersweet for me because I knew this is him growing up from a baby to a little boy. School is the best thing for his inquisitive mind.

Oh yeah back to the potty training. I used all the tricks I did with my older son. But the thing that worked the best with him is having him go pants/underwear free. So we stayed home as much as we could. It was interesting because he found out things about 'himself' and was eagerly willing to show us. I am not going to go further except to say BOYS ARE GROSS! 

Well this week was a huge turning point. At his preschool the teachers are not allowed to wipe the kids' bums. So with a little coaxing, he wiped his bum and washed his hands all by himself. YAAAAAY!!!!
And get this, I am still putting him in diapers to bed but he wakes up with it dry. Then takes it off and uses the toilet. Bravo my little one! I wish I could bottle up my excitement. I thought the first day was a fluke but after the third day I was counting my lucky stars. 

I know people always say, they grow up so fast. This past week of potty training went by so fast. I thought that things would revert since he also caught a cold this week but so far so good. 
If you haven't guessed it yet, I am one happy mama! 

*I know that all kids develop at different stages and I don't mean to offend anyone by telling them about my child. Potty training is hard work and the biggest reward knowing that it worked. I am going to put this on my lifetime achievement award. I hope they give out cool prizes like free laundry service or a lifetime's worth of hand sanitizer.*

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