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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Do you have a case of the invisible measuring stick?

Over the past week I have heard “my kid isn’t talking yet”, “my kid JUST started walking”, “I’m the worst parent” etc. Why are we as parents sweating the small stuff?

I have a boy almost three and a half and still not fully potty trained. Yes I worry if he's ever going to be ready before school starts? And before you dole out the advice on how to get him to go to the potty, I have tried all of it. He is just NOT ready and I know that he is going to be out of diapers before university. So bugger off!!!

Too many of us feel inadequate as parents because our kid is not doing what someone who is the same age is doing already. It also doesn’t help that we want to punch the person who is talking about their angel child. Yes I feel that the gray hairs are popping out of my head like daisies some days but the most important thing is they are happy and healthy children!

PLEASE for the love of God, stop measuring your children’s milestones with other children. Also carry duct tape for the mom that won’t shut up about her perfect child.  

PS. Duct Tape has other toddler uses, but that is for another post!

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  1. LOL I liked that bit about knowing he is gonna be out of diapers before university. I would certainly hope so! I don't think people used to worry so much about kids. I think it's the fault of television...you only see the genius kids on there and you start to worry that your kid is falling behind. And almost all kids are normal...their parents may be going nuts but the kids are ok!