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Saturday, 3 September 2011

My Summer in a nutshell.... I SURVIVED!

This summer has been really hectic for our family. In mid-June my dad fell ill. He lives in the Caribbean so I had to make some quick arrangements with my husband with regards to the kids. I decided to take my younger son since he was still “free” to fly and my older son would stay at my in-laws for a week. If I stayed longer than a week, my husband would get some time off work so that we didn’t need any more babysitting. It turns out that my dad recovered and is doing better. I spent eleven days away from my first baby and was glad to be home again.

Although he had fun with my sister-in-law, (by the way she is an angel), I was in misery! It is so hard to be away from someone that you’ve put to bed every night. Before those eleven days, I was away only 2 nights in his 3 years. Those were the nights that I was giving birth to his brother. I missed him so much, the smell of his hair, his smile, the way he calls me mum-meee. I almost forgot all the trouble he was getting into daily.

Then July rolled around and my hubby leaves for work in Europe for FOUR weeks. Aaack! The first week was the hardest because my older son asked “where’s daddy?” all the time.  Needless to say I am very lucky to be living in today’s world where technology is so great! We used Skype every day except when he was travelling. It still wasn’t great because I missed the hubby especially when the kids went to bed. I don’t mean for THAT.  After the kids go to bed we watch our shows together, talk about the kids and our day or just sit in each other’s company doing our own things. I know I sound like I’m sixty but it is what works for us.

The second week of July, we were invited to my sister-in-laws’ summer home for a week. The kids loved being there. The sun was hot and I had babysitters, what more could I ask for? It just so happened that the internet was down and I wasn’t able to talk to my hubby for more than a couple of minutes a day via the phone.  That sucked! My hubby and I have been away for extended periods but having two kids while he’s away really took a toll on me physically and emotionally. I do not envy the single mamas and papas doing this every day.

The third and fourth weeks rolled on by because the countdown till daddy came home was on. I was so happy to have my family under the same roof. The two weeks that my hubby came back, he was working twelve hour shifts. So although he was home he wasn’t AT home. I started a new routine taking the boys to see their dad at work before I had to get dinner ready.  Then the next week he was out of town for the entire week. This time it was in this country so we packed up and stayed at my sister-in-laws’ home. Did I tell you she is an angel??? Anyway we had the whole house to ourselves while they were still at their summer home. I saw more of my hubby in the evenings but during the day I missed talking to adults. I don’t do the baby talk but having to say “Don’t Touch!” 500 hundred times an hour was getting on my last nerve.

We came back to town for the weekend and then headed back to my sister-in-laws home for another week. This week was supposed to be great! I had available baby-sitters and my hubby was home at night, what could be better?? I guess I didn’t knock on some wood because the boys and I got sick. Really sick!! My hubby was still working twelve hour days so he couldn’t help out with the kids so my angel helped out. I can’t thank her enough. I was so ill that I thought everything the kids did wrong was intensified by 100. Then we spent the last week of August in our own beds. Hooray!!! Got back into a routine and the weekend is here. Do you know what that means? September is here and the hubby is out of town again! At least he will be home during the week. Sigh!

I can’t say that it gets easier but I’ve learned to adapt. It is kind of interesting that my relationship has changed because he is often away. I appreciate him more especially when “I” need a time out. I cook because I know that he loves my cooking. I say “I love you” more often. I even find myself snuggling into his side of the bed. When it comes down to the bottom line, our kids are happy, healthy and well-fed and that is more than I can ask for!

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