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Monday, 19 September 2011

Unwanted Advice

My 3 year old had a tantrum in the mall as we were leaving. I'm getting frustrated because I can’t haul him out while pushing his brother in a stroller. I’m trying to look like I have it together when this lady says to him “well come with me”. WHAAAAT???? As I'm looking in disbelief, my son shakes his head no.  Okay so I feel better for one milli-second. What was the point of trying to help if you are going to try to kidnap my son right in front of me?

She then says, “Oh at least he knows not to do that”! Okay now I wanted to scream! I think some people are just crazy. Do they think that they are being helpful by giving a mom who is obviously stressed, words that can haunt her?

I know that I have been given a lot of unwanted advice while being pregnant, nursing, etc, but this one totally threw me for a loop.  A word of advice, just look sympathetic or look the other way. I felt so embarrassed probably because my 3 year old would be okay after he forgot about it 3 seconds later.

Have you gotten any unwanted advice?

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