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Monday, 22 August 2011

What the HECK is that sound???

Ever heard the saying, “Moms have eyes at the back of their heads”? Well I think from the moment that a baby come into her life, she develops an acute sense of hearing. Scientifically, a mother can lactate at the sound of her newborn crying. She knows every cry, whimper, giggle, whine that her baby utters.

I know every sound that happens in my house. The sounds of splashing in the tub and the building blocks tumbling to the floor, always draws a smile to my face. Some sounds will also let me know that trouble is a brew.  My 3 year old will drag a chair to the kitchen counter. This usually sends me bolting from whatever corner of the house I might be. I’m always wondering, did I leave a knife out or is he using a knife to help himself to a tasty snack. The door being opened is another one to send me in fight or flight mode.

Sometimes I wonder, can I just yell for him to get outta there? Okay I usually yell before I wonder. And you know that always works. NOT!!! As a result, my Spidey Senses are always tingling. People say “just relax” to me all the time. I will relax when my hearing goes or they move out. I am hoping for the later in case you’re wondering. 

Imagine my surprise when I hear a sound that I can’t identify. My first reaction is always, that does NOT sound good or what the HECK are these children doing now. I’m just a little paranoid that they’ll get hurt or I will spend the next few hours fuming as I clean up whatever mess they’ve created. Okay I think I’m just a little more paranoid than I thought.

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  1. This is awesome :) I don't have kids, but I remember when I was a kid, my best friend and I stood outside screaming our lungs off to try to get our Moms to run outside from their Scrabble game. We must have screamed for 20 minutes...

    When we went inside to see why our "uncaring" mothers weren't coming to see what was wrong, they were like "well, we knew you weren't screaming because you were in trouble."

    I didn't understand it then but because a lot of my friends have had children I understand now - there's a certain tone that you know is your child's...and there's a panic tone and a normal mischief tone....and you know if you're their parent right off the bat.