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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Monkey...ing Around

2 years and 3 days apart. That the age difference between the two monkeys I have living in my house who I call my kids. They are just at the stage where they want to do everything together. That means for you that have no kids or expecting… they want to get into the most trouble humanly possible before my banshee yelling starts.
Right now we are staying over at my in-laws home while they are away. Note to anyone who thinks it is an okay idea to let a family stay over with kids, YOU NEED TO RETHINK IT. My adorable monkeys are getting into everything…. I mean EVERYTHING. The bottom shelves of the pantry are now bare and hopefully the top shelves don’t cave in with the stuff from the bottom shelves. I find random measuring cups around the house and hopefully they were missing one from the set to begin with. I also had to do a little upholstery work as they were giggling while pulling out the stuffing from the couch. Oh yeah, beware of the giggling coming from Monkeys. Either they are playing or getting into mischief. More of the latter happens with these two.
So yesterday I took the kids to the park because hey I know I need the exercise and what a fun way to lose a couple of kids… I mean pounds. If anyone says, I had a relaxing day in the park obviously has no kids with them or have replaced their kids with robots. Monkeys are a lot of work in the park. You constantly are watching them to make sure they are safe climbing any contraption (Monkey 1) and making sure nothing goes into their mouth (Monkey 2). So Monkey 1 climbs a slide which I think is a bit high and goes down squealing in delight. Of course this is the signal to Monkey 2, hey this looks like fun!
So Monkey 2 decides to climb the slide. I go after him. He seems determined to get up the stairs but I climb behind him just in case. Mommy points for me!  Right at the top stairs I help him up and down the slide he goes! WHEEEEE! I start to come down when Monkey 1 is right behind me yelling, Mommy turn!! So I go down the slide. Imagine my delight when my butt actually fit on the slide, WHEEEEE! So I get off and wait for Monkey 1 to slide down. In a space of less than a minute, I am yelling at Monkey 2, get that out of your mouth. Minus the mommy points. Apparently he needed to taste some gravel. Well I stuck my finger in there to get as most of the gravel out of his mouth. I am sure that I probably gave him more germs that were on the gravel to begin with.  I think I got all, but who knows, I’ll wait a couple of days and see in the poop.
By the way it is not even close to naptime but I’m beat! So I suggest that we need to get back. SURPRISE!! That did not go well. So I am stuck HAULING Monkey 2 and BRIBING Monkey 1 all the way back to the car. Any Monkey mommy knows that bananas or any food will get my kids to do anything.
In the meantime I will pray that they continue to have fun while being cute Monkeys. 

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