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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Why is my boy obsessed with flying?

So it is that time of the year when I ask my 3 year old what he wants to be for Halloween. (Mind you I’ve asked the other 2 years and didn’t understand the babble so I went with my choice). It should come as no surprise that he actually has an opinion this year. “I want to be a superhero!”
A superhero?? I ask? What do you know about superheroes? They FLY! He then proceeded to show me how they fly. Pretty cute right? Just until he jumped of the sofa with a WHEEEEEEEEEEE!
Of course my first instinct is to see if he to see if he is okay. Nope you’re wrong! My first instinct is to pretend that I didn’t see that so that he wouldn’t think that is a great idea. I’m hanging my head in shame as I’m writing this.
 So he is fine after all.  Any guesses what he did a millisecond later? Oh you’re smart… That’s right he jumps off the sofa again, WHEEEEEEE!
Now I decide to do a little parenting a tell him to stop.  Really, I just don’t want him falling over the 16 month old toddler or worse, having the toddler try this daredevil stunt. He then lets me know, Mommy I can’t fly!
SHOCKER! Well I’m glad he realised this sooner than waiting to jump off the banister or roof. Check Youtube later, some people still haven’t come to this realisation yet.
Alright down to the hard questions, what kind of a superhero would you like to be? He tells me one that flies… Okay I’ll just save up to send you to medical school right now because this one has all the brains. So I attempt some prompting, Spiderman? Superman? He tells me I want to be Super Why. By the way Super Why is a cartoon character that has the power to read, oh and he can also fly.
I am sure that his dad will veto that decision. But in the meantime I hope that he flies with his feet on the ground.
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