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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mommy Brain .... Is that a what they're calling it now?

I watched my mom for years being distracted while I was talking to her. Most of the times I thought she was ignoring me or thought I was boring. However, as I became pregnant I heard someone use the term "mommy brain". It was supposed to be an excuse for being forgetful or doing things out of the norm. I could totally relate as suddenly I had to manage 100 other things that I normally wouldn't be thinking of.

As I was still working, I think my mental aptitude was still up to par and I could function as a normally human being. I soon realized that my "mommy brain" started to kick in after my son was born. No longer did I care what day it was, or what I needed from the grocery. All I could focus on was my son and his needs.

After maternity leave I headed back to work and for those 8 hours, I was alert and focused. No "mommy brain" allowed. I got pregnant again and suddenly I was juggling being pregnant, working and caring for a toddler. I can say that I didn't get a break during that time for just me. I felt like I was on overdrive.

My hubby and I decided that I would be a stay at home mom to my two kids for awhile. Some people think that being a SAHM is so easy because you stay at home all day doing whatever. Well I got into a rut because everything got into a routine. I no longer could see myself as being a career woman. My days consisted of speaking to toddlers all day and repeating myself over and over again. It was like I was part of the movie Groundhog Day.

Then IT came back. The dreaded "MOMMY BRAIN". This time I was writing myself notes and saying things out loud so that I would remember it for the future. It reminded me of studying in college except there was no exam at the end just a big fat FAIL if I forgot.

I started playing a few games on Facebook that challenged my puzzle solving skills and guess what, my "mommy brain" is gone. I think that if I can keep mentally alert this will help in all aspects of my life. My hope for those who will read this is to engage your brain, always!

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