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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

There is no easy way to like it

My 1 year old has a new fascination with taking off all his clothes. I don't know if he is too warm or it is just to gain attention. I'm thinking it is a bit of the later because it is February in Canada. He started off by pulling one arm from the sleeve of his shirt. My hubby and I thought this was hilarious and even referred to this anecdote to friends and family as "Julius" did this. Get it, Julius Caesar? Maybe he is a little fashionista and trying to start a new toddler trend.

Anyway "Julius" progressed to removing his pants and now his diaper. If he is too quiet, I know he is taking off his clothes. When he pees, the diaper comes off and so does the rest of his clothes. But the last few times, the clothes came off when he pooped. Can you tell where I'm going with this. It is probably the moment in a parent's life where their sanity is truly tested.

I have picked up poop from the carpet, couch, coloring pages and the television. Who knew that brown was a great color to use when you finger paint? Now that you are totally disgusted, my house is now super sanitized. I also am thinking that I want to revert to plastic on the furniture. Now if he poops one of us is changing him right away before he gets to it first. I can't wait to start on the potty training with this one.

As I was talking to my girlfriend, who is a mother of 3, about said incident. She said "I know it is your kid, but there is no easy way to like it!" I couldn't have said it better. Poop, you suck!

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