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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Inappropriate Moments

Today while at the grocery store my 4 year old son decides to show everyone in the meat department his little sausage. You can't even even imagine how mortified I was. "Put that thing away!", I said to the amusement of the other customers. Trying to not to yell at him through my teeth, I said, "Get you hands out of your pants!"

I spoke to my mother in law about this and she said that it is just a phase. Really? There is an end to this? You promise he is not going to grow up to be a deviant? Because I'm really losing it here.

I don't know exactly when it started, but he started to sit on the couch with no pants or underwear. Now he can't go anywhere without a hand constantly glued to the front of his pants. "Do you have to pee? No? Then GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR PANTS!"

One day I realized he is going commando and I say to my hubby, ask him why he is not wearing underwear. My dear son calmly replied, "I didn't want too!" Umm, you're 4 you are going to wear underwear. I have even said, look daddy wears underwear so does mummy, and granddad and so on but he just shrugs like "yeah so what?" I've gotten him to pick out his clothes and underwear but again having no underwear or having his hands in his pants seems like a better option for this kid.

So until this phase ends, I am ready to commit myself for sounding like a broken record player. Anyway, if there anyone out there who has some advice, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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