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Friday, 28 September 2012

Was he born with that gene?

Earlier this week, I was reading Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever, to my dear son, Luke. We got to the page about tools. I read out the different types of tools to him and then asked him if he used any of these tools. He then said, no and proceeded to tell me that daddy used those tools.

So then I said, "Is there anyone else you know that uses these tools?" He shook his head no. Obviously, I said what about me? "Does mummy use any tools?" To my surprise, he said "No, tools are for boys not for girls!" Whaaaaaat? Trying to hide my utter shock at this revelation I quickly asked are you sure?

He then said, "Mummy, you are a girl and tools are too heavy for you!" I could not believe that my innocent child of four years is saying that. So later on after I tucked him in for the night, I went to confront the obvious suspect, my hubby for relaying those statements on his impressionable ears. Of course he was amused and gave me the 'It wasn't me speech!'

So the next afternoon, I asked my darling son about the tools conversation in front of his dad and he said everything that he said last night and added another gem. "Mummy, tools are dangerous, you are just a girl!" I know that we've ever told him such things. Have they started teaching that on the TV shows he watches? I don't think so!

So my conclusion is that he is born with that gene. The men have to do everything because heavens knows girls can't do anything especially if includes something mechanical kinda of gene. This is definitely not the last of this matter. Now where is that drill?

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