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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Things that make my day brighter

Today I opened up my email and saw that GAP had a casting call for the next face of Gap. I decided to enter my older son as he is a pretty photogenic child and I would love to win $1000 dollars to spend on clothes for my kids. Right now they grow like weeds so every dollar helps.

When I started entering the contest the question they asked was what does your child do to brighten your day. That got me thinking; there are so many things that my kids do to make me smile. Now if you are thinking about having kids and reading this post, I just want to let you know that they do some rotten things too. However these are the things that make me so proud to call them MY kids.

This will be dedicated to my kids who are turning 2 and 4 in a couple of weeks.

You brighten my day:-

When you laugh, squeal and giggle.

When you jump and spin around at the same time.

When you use words that I didn't know you knew.

When you build forts and pretend to be monsters.

When you run like you're in a race.

When you say please and thank you to strangers.

When you make stories to go with your shadows puppets.

When you give me hugs and kisses without being asked.

When you smile while you are sleeping.

When you eat all your dinner.

When you think I'm funny doing "mom" things.

When you play with each other.

When you get excited about anything new.

When you mispronounce something.

When you count your fingers and toes to see if they are all there.

When you wake up and you still have a warm baby smell on your neck.

This list will keep growing day by day because you are the reason my life is content.

What are some of the things that your kids do to brighten your day? Also these pictures were taken by Amanda Diaz Photography from Edmonton. She is amazing!

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